Singapore, Global Clean Technology Hub

Globally, sustainable development solutions are gaining traction especially with heightened concerns over
climate change and rapid urbanization. Current estimates show that the global market for environmental
technologies will grow to US$700 billion by 2015 as countries worldwide seek to be more environmentally
conscious and energy-efficient.

Singapore aims to be a global hub where clean technology products are developed, made and exported
overseas. The clean technology industry has been identified as a strategic economic growth area for
Singapore. The government has allocated about US$453 million to develop five key pillars of the industry:
R&D, manpower capabilities, Singapore-based enterprises, an international industry brand and a vibrant
industry ecosystem.

Small-medium enterprises (SMEs) constitute more than 80% of the environmental technology industry in
Singapore. The enterprises specialise in areas such as water and wastewater treatment, solid waste
management, alternative energy and air pollution control. Many of them have developed innovative
products and services that are utilised in a wide range of industries including logistics, petrochemical,
food manufacturing and construction sectors.

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