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Debt Financing in Singapore

posted Oct 28, 2012, 6:51 AM by Fide Consultant Group
There are two types of financing: equity and debt financing. Compared to equity financing, debt financing is generally more beneficial and less expensive if the companies can be very successful. 
Companies can choose to have a debt financing offered by various financial institutions in Singapore, each with different interest rates and terms. 

 Debt Financing Schemes from Financial Institutions in Singapore

Other Debt Financing Schemes

Micro Loan Programme
The maximum loan amount under this programme is S$50,000. Businesses can choose between a fixed interest (6.25% per annum) or variable interest rate loan. The loan repayment period is up to 4 years.
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Local Enterprise Finance Scheme (LEFS)
The scheme offers loans of up to S$15 million.
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Loan Insurance Scheme (LIS)
This scheme provides loan insurance to secure loans against default. The government will share the cost of the insurance premium with the borrower.
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Internationalisation Finance Scheme (IFS)
This is an asset-based loan, or structured loan based on the value of sales order/contract amount/ project value, up to a maximum loan amount of S$15 million.
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