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Start a Singapore Company

posted Oct 30, 2012, 6:37 AM by Fide Consultant Group

Doing Business in Singapore 

 Global Business Hub
Developed infrastructure, political stability, strong intellectual property protection, open business policies, a skilled workforce, Singapore’s wide network of trade agreements, ease of doing business, an attractive tax system, and the use of English as the main working language.


Strong trade and investment - 20 free trade agreements (FTA) with 27 economic partners like the US, Japan, China and Korea.

Ideal geographical location - air travel with good international connection

 Reputable Financial and Regional Trading
Known as the world’s gateway to Asia, the world’s busiest port and a top location for investments in the Asia Pacific region.

A mix of Asian, European and American influence

 Lion City
Strong currency and infrastructure which in turn makes it the best place to set up an overseas corporation.

 Attractive Tax System
The first three years taxable income of non-resident corporations are exempted from taxes where it is considered a “zero tax” jurisdiction.

Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreements (DTA) by the Singapore government with other international jurisdictions in order to ensure the country’s financial success and prosperity.

Setting Up Your Company in Singapore :

Subsidiary Company Registration

Branch Office Registration 

Representative Office Registration