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                     Features                                    Benefits                           

            Corporate ID                   Corporate logo, catalogue, brochure, folder, envelope, letterhead. 
            outstanding                      Outstanding logo design and image

    Interactive and communicative website design and hosting, including corporate emails and productivity tools. 

            Card                                Name card, membership card, id card, metal card, invitation card.
            lasting impression             
Make your first impression a lasting one.

            Promotional                    Banner, flyers, brochures, sticker, magazine, calendar. 
            Appealing                         Design, print, and distribute.


                     Features                                    Benefits                           

              Incorporation                   Company incorporation in Singapore, Asia, Europe, America, and Tax Haven jurisdictions
              well planned and executed 

              Corporate Secretary     
    Maintaining books

              Virtual Office                   Get a bundle of registered address, telephone answering and forwarding, dedicated phone &
cheapest and easy            fax number, & mail forwarding
              Serviced Office              
  Get a quick office setup in the CBD with complete facilities for maximum comfort and convenience
              quick setup

              Design & Printing         
   Get design and printing or publication of your website and marketing materials
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