• Learn more about accreditation & certification needed. All private schools providing education
      to 10 or more people/children (total enrolment) must register with the Ministry of Education (MOE). 
      Registration with MOE does not amount to accreditation or recognition of the private school, its
      courses or teachers.
    • Choose appropriate name for your school and ensure that the name complies with all legal
    • Register your business
    • Secure your premises and must be approved for use as a non-academic private school. Must have
      at least: one classroom and one reception area. There are guidelines for classroom size: 1.5m2 per
      student for general classroom and 2.0m2 per student for classrooms with equipment. 
    • Design/layout your premises
    • Apply for accreditation if needed. Get CaseTrust for Education certification if you want to enroll
      international students. Get Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) accreditation for organisations
      to enjoy higher levels of funding support for training programmes under the WSQ framework. 
    • Comply with laws and regulations

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