Businesses can do market research at Singapore Libraries for free or by becoming a member.

National Library Board

    • The National Library and all its branches are open and free to the public.

    • To borrow an item or use the multimedia facilities, you need to be a member.

    • The Lee Kong Chian Reference Library focuses on specific areas and topics.

      • The Business Collection of the Lee Kong Chian Library has more than 37,000 volumes and 20 electronic databases.

      • You can ask for help on research and information retrieval at any of the Information Counters on Levels 7, 8, 9 and 11.

    • You can also send your research requests to the Reference Library through email, SMS, phone or fax through the Reference Point Service.

University Libraries

    • You can pay to become a member of the University libraries in Singapore and use their library resources.

    • Each library has different membership fees.

    • You can approach any of these libraries:

Government Libraries

Government agencies and statutory boards have libraries that you can also tap into.

SPRING Information Resource Centre

    • The Centre houses the largest collection of national, regional and international standards including Singapore Standards, British Standards, ISO and IEC Standards.

    • The Centre also has information specialists who can assist you in research.


Information Resource Centre

IE Singapore Advisory Centre

    • The Centre, run by the International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, has a collection of over 10,000 volumes of publications providing business information to support Singapore companies in their internationalisation efforts.

    • The collection focuses mainly on providing business contacts, trade statistics, export regulations & tariffs and selected industry information.


IE Singapore Advisory Centre

Social Services Training Institute (SSTI) Resource Centre

    • The Centre, run by the National Council of Social Services, is equipped with information and resource materials on local, regional and international developments in social service-related issues.

    • The library can be used for research and reference purposes only.


SSTI Resource Centre

Singapore Sports Council (SSC) Sports Library

    • SSC Sports Library is the only specialised sports library in Singapore.

    • The Library provides up-to-date sports information to the sports fraternity, academic institutions, schools and the general public.

    • Membership is required.


SSC Sports Library (membership fees)