Business Permits



      • Register your business

      • Secure your premises

      • Ensure your premises comply with regulations. You must have approval to/for building works,

      • fire safety works, and occupation of the premises.

      • Obtain a public entertainment licence to operate an establishment providing free or paid

      • entertainment to the public.

      • Obtain a Copyright Licence to perform or play copyrighted music at your business premises

      • Obtain licences to use music video and karaoke videos to play, perform, or reproduce music

      • videos or karaoke videos at your premises

      • Obtain a non-residential TV licence to operate a television set or any equipment that can receive

      • broadcast signals at your business premises.

      • Obtain approval for a smoking room/corner to setup a smoking room/corner for patrons at your

      • entertainment establishment

      • Obtain a private lotteries permit to conduct private lotteries (e.g. lucky draw) or operate fruit/slot

      • machines at your recreation establishment

      • Obtain a police permit for assemblies/ processions to organize any assembly or procession of 5

      • or more persons such as treasure hunt

      • Apply for other licences/permits you need