Business Permits



      • Learn more about registration of kindergartens. All kindergartens must be registered with MOE.

      • Kindergartens are schools that provide a structured 3-year pre-school education programme for

      • children aged 3 - 6. Registration with MOE does not amount to accreditation or recognition of

      • the kindergarten, its courses or teachers.

      • Choose an appropriate name for your school

      • Register your business

      • Secure your premises

      • Design/layout your premises. Must have at least: one classroom and one reception area. There

      • are guidelines for classroom size: 1.88m2 per child for classroom and 30m2 for a maximum of

      • 10 children at any one time.

      • Register your kindergarten. All kindergartens must register their school, courses, teachers,

      • managers, and committee members.

      • Comply with laws & regulations