Singapore Office Space Options

Serviced Office / Business Centres

Serviced office is ideal for small companies looking for a low startup cost option, flexible lease terms,

and prestigious business address.

    • Available immediately

    • Fully furnished and equipped with all amenities vital for business operations

    • No capital expenditure required

    • No long-term financial commitment

    • Share common office facilities such as copy machines, conference rooms, meeting rooms, etc.

    • Prestigious business address

    • Flexible growth option as you can take up additional space as you grow.

    • A convenient transportation option as most are located in close proximity to MRT stations.

Conventional Office

Renting a conventional office in Singapore usually means renting empty office space that you will need

to furnish on your own with furniture, IT infrastructure, utilities, manpower, etc.

    • Customized your own office space

    • Security of longer-term tenure

    • Much wider choices of locations and buildings for leasing

Government-Owned Commercial Buildings

Government owned premises can offer you stack-up factories, technopreneur centres, incubators for start-up

companies, business parks, hubs for research & development and entrepreneurial activities, warehousing

space, industry clusters such as the Jurong Island chemicals hub, wafer fabrication parks, advanced display

park, two biomedical parks, logistics hubs for aerospace, chemical, general warehousing industries and even

dedicated food factories.

Virtual Office

Virtual office solution offers you an office experience without the physical space. A typical virtual office package in

Singapore will provide your business with the use of a corporate business address; dedicated phone/fax numbers,

personalized telephone answering; mail handling; and the use of private offices/meetings rooms/secretarial services

on an ad-hoc basis.

    • Entrepreneurs operating from home requiring an official address for credibility

    • Entrepreneurs headquartered abroad that need to show a business presence in Singapore but don't plan

    • to hire any staff

    • Small startups that have setup a physical office at a budget location but require a business address at a

    • prestigious location for corporate image purposes.

Home Office

If your business operates on a very small scale, you might want to consider working from home. Typical users of

Home Offices include individual entrepreneurs, consultants, real estate agents, lawyers and company employees

working from home. Singapore’s Home Office Scheme allows people living in a private or HDB property to conduct

small-scale businesses within their homes, as long as their business activities do not fall under the scheme’s

negative list.